Among all the big-name streaming media players, only Roku offers viewers the ability to watch X-rated adult content. But you won’t find any adult channels in the public Roku Channel Store. Roku porn channels are only available as private channels, also called hidden channels. But don’t worry – we’ll show you how easy it is to add these channels and watch all the hard-core sex you want.
If you aren’t familiar with Roku private channels, they’re like any other Roku channel, except that they aren’t listed in the channel store and they aren’t officially supported by Roku, Inc. This means that you won’t receive any help from Roku Technical Support if you have a problem with a private channel. 

There are a number of reasons why a channel may be private: it may be a beta version that isn’t fully developed or tested, or it may be directed to a very limited audience. In the case of adult content, the channel has to be private because adult channels are not eligible for listing in the channel store under Roku’s terms of service.
Private channels are added through the Roku website, not directly through your Roku player or Roku TV. Private channels are added through the use of a channel access code, which is a unique letter and/or number combination identifying that specific channel. Channel codes are provided in the detailed listing for each adult channel on this website, or you can click the “Add Channel” button that is also found on each channel’s information page.
If you are starting with the access code, sign into your Roku account at, then go to the My Account page. Under Manage Account you will find a link to Add a Private Channel. Select that link, enter the channel access code, and select “Add Channel”. If you use the “Add Channel” buttons on this website, you will be taken to the Add a Private Channel page with the access code already filled in, but you may be prompted to login to your Roku account if you aren’t already logged in.
At this point, you may get an error that the channel code is not associated with a valid channel. Private channels tend to come and go, so if this happens and you entered the correct code, then the developer has abandoned that channel or has updated the code to allow access to a newer version of the channel. However, we regularly test the channel codes for all of the channels listed on this website, so that error is more likely if you get a code from other websites that don’t update their lists on a regular basis.
If the code is valid, you’ll see the channel logo and should select “Yes, Add Channel”. To access the channel immediately, you will need to force a refresh of the channels on your Roku device. From your Roku device’s home screen, go to Settings >>> System >>> System udpate, then select “Check now”. If you don’t do this, the channel should show up following your Roku’s automatic update check, normally performed once per day.
You should now see the just-added channel on your Roku’s Home page, at the bottom of the list of previously-installed channels. Depending on which channel or channels you added, you may be prompted to log into the channel with user credentials supplied when creating an account on the channel’s website. In other cases, the channel may display a linking code along with a website address; you will need to visit that website and enter the linking code to gain access to the channel’s content.